About us

The signit safe application was developed by Junod GmbH in Zurich (Switzerland). The company has its registered office in CH-Ladir (Graubünden).

Clear principles

Signit safe is more than a signature app. Signit safe is a statement. A statement for privacy. Security and data protection are firmly linked to Signit safe. The comprehensive security and uncompromising protection of privacy ("zero knowledge") signit safe differs significantly from competing products.

Swiss company

Precision, reliability and discretion - these are typical Swiss characteristics, and as a Swiss company we live these values. Signit safe is the pocket knife tool for your mobile activities.

Signit safe Story

The idea to develop the app came while we were traveling a lot for work. How can you make a signature if you cannot be personally "on site"? - A challenge that many business people, expats and globetrotters, but also private individuals know only too well. Business is now managed from the kitchen table.

Committed to users

Signit safe is 100% independent, the product is self-supporting. No investors or other donors are involved, signit safe only obliges the users.

Own infrastructure

Signit safe operates its own servers in two independent locations in Switzerland. In the event of a location failing, it is possible to switch to the other immediately to ensure uninterrupted operation.