Your privacy first

Sign securely and easily electronically – wherever you and your contract partners are.
In order to translate the traditional analog signature process into a modern electronicform, you have to authenticate yourself with personal data. This is the only way to ensure that all registered communication partners are actually the ones with whom you want to conclude contracts or enter into agreements. When developing signit safe, the data security aspect was most important to us.

The logical result of our app development is that neither your user account nor your personal data are stored on our servers or cannot be used for other purposes as a result of data compromise. Your sensitive personal data is only on your primary device, usually this is your mobile phone. As soon as you delete the signit safe app from your mobile phone, you also delete the data that you have saved locally there. The handling of your personal data is therefore in your hands. If you forget the password, we will not be able to restore your data. You are responsible for backing up your data (contracts and documents).

All documents, files, messages or personal data that you exchange with other signit safe users via our servers are encrypted by your device and can only be made readable again by the devices of the communication partners you contacted. All encrypted data is automatically deleted from our servers after all those involved havecompleted the joint signature project

End-to-end encryption

All the data sent by our app is encrypted with multiple layers of protection before leaving your device, it travels encrypted through the network, and is stored encrypted. By default, our servers have no access to the unencrypted payload of the personal data, documents, files, annotations and signatures you share. Only other members and recipients in each project can decrypt to the original payload.



signit safe has been designed to be used as a natural replacement of the physical paper process. You add, move, update or delete documents, attachments, annotations and stamps. You sign using your finger or a digital pen, making each one of your signatures unique.

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Protected Advanced Electronic Signature

Using signit safe you provide an unique signature on every page you decide to sign, making each electronic signature unique and personal, unique as humans are. Also, your ID photos, signatures and pages of the final document will be protected with a watermark specifying the attestation number and signature date, making the document and it keys component linkable and hard to reuse.

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Sign in seconds and collaborate

Create and/or join signature projects, where you can directly sign a document in seconds, or be part of a collaborative revision and construction of your contract.
You can include an assistant, lawyer, partner, or anyone to be a collaborative member in your review or signature process.

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Use bigger screens and devices

We require you to set one primary device, but you can link other devices to it. Link your iPad to have a better experience with a bigger screen, or link your computer to use keyboard, mouse and even bigger screens.

Don’t worry, you can unlink secondary devices any time, even remotely. Your primary device will be the only one storing your personal data, secondary devices will depend of your primary device for data decryption and our app will inform you how many active devices are connected to your primary device.

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