What could be the problem, if I can’t get a decent picture of my passport?

Ensure good, reflection-free lighting conditions when photographing the passport with your mobile phone. Hold the cell phone steady and press the camera release button until the photo of your passport has been taken.

Can I change my mobile phone number and my email address in the app settings later on?

No. The phone number and email address cannot be changed later in the settings, since the app subscription (encrypted) was created with these two details. In this case you would have to register again with your new phone number and email address at signit safe (if necessary with another subscription).

I don’t want to use signit safe anymore? What do I have to do?

You can delete your account yourself at any time in the settings and remove the app from your mobile device. You have now deleted all your project data and personal data that you used in the signit safe app. All that remains on our server is your email address, the only information we have saved from you in accordance with the relevant data protection regulations.

Is there a quick way to collect the contact details of another signit safe user?

You can scan someone else’s QR code in the app.

What happens if I forget my password or my mobile device is lost?

Since we do not save any further data except your email address (zero knowledge), we cannot restore your password or your project data. In this case you have to register again with signit safe. If you register with the same mobile phone number and email address, you can restore your subscription credit and the signature vouchers you purchased, but the documents previously stored in the app are irretrievably lost. Therefore, always make sure that you back up your projects outside of the app on a suitable storage medium.

Which of my data is stored at signit safe?

We have only saved your email address on our server. We are legally obliged to do so in order to be able to contact you in case of any attacks on our servers.

Secondary devices

Do I have an overview of how many devices are currently linked to my signit safe account?

You can check the number of linked devices in the settings. An always visible yellow bar also shows you the status of linked devices.

When working on a secondary device, the connection always breaks, what is the cause?

The signit safe application on your mobile phone must always be open while processing project data on secondary devices to ensure the connection to your additional devices. This can lead to increased battery consumption on your mobile phone.

Can I sign my documents on all devices?

You can only sign on mobile phones and tablets (data protection).

Subscription & Voucher

What happens to my subscription if I forget my password or lose my cell phone?

In both cases you have to register again. If you do this with the email address and mobile phone number of your previous subscription, you will get the previous subscription and voucher status back. We only save your email address, however the combination of mobile phone number and email address is recognized as an account in the shop on an encrypted level that is not traceable for us. In this way, credits can be obtained. However, this applies only to your subscription, but not to the restoration of your data.

What happens to vouchers which have been made available to me by third parties, but which I do not need myself?

Vouchers that are not required will be automatically returned to the donor.


Can a person who later joins the meeting room see the previous conversation?

No. A newly joined person only sees the conversation that took place after they joined.


Are annotations in documents displayed in the completed attested project?

No. Annotations are no longer displayed in the attested document.

Project processing

When can I complete a project?

It is imperative that all participants have joined the project, otherwise the project cannot be completed (attested).

Can people be removed from the project?

Each person can only remove themselves from the project.